Sunday, March 31, 2013

Typic: Best App Ever!

Hi! So I'm constantly asked what are my fav apps that I currently use in my Instagram posts! And not because she is my absolutely, most favorite person & best friend in this world - we grew up together in Colombia, have been together in the good, bad and mediums, and even though we are thousands of miles away from each other, there is not one circumstance, event, story or momentum that we don't share with each other...this app is pretty crazy cool!

She teamed up with two lovely gentleman and created Typic. A user friendly app that gives you the filters, best fonts out there, borders, and different colors to write messages, love notes, and thoughts on your images! But beyond that it has super cute decor elements that you can add to your messages and your pics {cof, cof that no other app has!}. It is design by designers that completely understand us {artists} our needs and our sensibility for color, type choices and the need for it to be easy, fast and fun to use!

I absolutely love the app and them, plus she is totally rocking the #HeartThis tee! Give this app, and my besti some love, {typic app - download here}! And if you want to see what these creatives are up to, follow them around - pretty fantastic and innovative minds! 

Instagram @TypicAppOfficial  Twitter: TypicApp  Facebook: TypicApp

Super proud of them! -xo luciana

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