Thursday, January 31, 2013

READINGS: First Chapter of ‘Making Habits: Free!

Jeremy Dean, has been an amazing author writing about applied psychology and the impact to an everyday life. He just launch this amazing habits book-who dosent need to polish their habits a bit! So i thought i would share it at the beginning of the year, for all of those how are finding it hard to keep with their new year resolutions - here is a boost for why you should stick to them and eventually make them a habit a part of your routine! 
Happy reading, here is the first chapter of the book for free!

Extract: This book started with an apparently simple question that seemed to have a simple answer: How long does it take to form a new habit?


Absolutely loving these green/plant bulbs! What a great way of adding green and life into your house this winter days! Love that you can see them grow and nurture them without having to go outside yeiii What a fun project for these days!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yei! Super excited to finally launch my Moleskine Gold Foil Pocket Cahiers!!! Super adorable, super tinny & super chic! Hope you and enjoy them tons. I'm super excited about this one, since I love note taking tinny paper places! What are gonna write in this fab journal?


So, my guapo Nate, does not know this yet: but this is what we are doing this weekend! No more said, it is perfect! January is the beginning of a decor year, because as little time as we find in our lives - my house will look amazing and inspiring! This is perfect to begin some house work- inspiration :)


Yes, yes I know its almost the end of January! And no more year talks are kinda relevant - lets be real the year has started! But I could not let it go by and not post about this fab news that Pantone Color gave us for 2013 - The Pantone, Color Of the Year! Thats right, every year they forecast a color and this years is Emerald!  Totally perfect for St. Patricks day! It is PSM - 17-5641 Emerald to be more exact - for all my designer friends;)

And in case your curious for previous years! Take a look, does it remain you of some fashion fabs? 
Loving this years!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Not to say I love everything they do; but specially there amazing store design! - - Yei, we just register to this awesome even in Columbus, Ohio! Can't wait to participate & post some pretty pics of the event & craft results! Find out if there's one close to you!

#HeartThis: Zoe Karssen- Print Collection '13

Loving and admiring his work tons! You can find these fab prints at my Shop!



1. The state of being obsessed with someone or something.
2. Wanting, loving...craving

Everything about this description: me, with this office decor! I want to grab it and tele-transport it to my studio! I love it so much, the color pallet, the books, the layout - loving her style! Jenniffer if you ever need any lux paper goods, would absolutely love to work with you, support you and we could definitely meet in your office ;)

Monday, January 28, 2013

#HeartThis: First Freebie - CHECK

Yeiiii!!! Congrats to the winner of the first fun giveaway of SmileBABY!  This was so exciting, thank you all for participating and reading my blog! Definatelly will be repeating monthly because it was super fun! The winner will receive an email shortly and a pretty, pretty Creme de la Creme print soon!

Stay tune for more giveaways!!! Love tons!
XO- Luciana

Friday, January 25, 2013

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: Behind the scenes at VS

Happy Snowy Friday!!! Some behind the scenes images of amazing Candice for you! Love working with her and all the VS crew! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

#HeartThis '13

Yeiii to this new Kate Spade prints collection '13! Check them out @the Etsy Shop:) Loving them and must convince my boy to let me hang them in our house!!! jeje 

Image Is Powerful, But It's Not Everything: A Model's Honest Opinion

A must watch video - "I am on this stage because I'm a pretty, white woman." That's just one of the honest, revealing, refreshing lines from model Cameron Russell's TED Talk, and it's an absolute must-watch for anyone with even a passing interest in fashion, women's issues, or the ongoing discussion about body image in this industry.


Having mix feelings about this wedge sneaker -mini-trend! Take a loot at this fabulous ones
 and resolve all your doubts!


Images speak louder than words! Would die to be backstage photographer for the fashion world!

Hi - Why Not

Hi! I'm Luciana, I've never realized I haven't introduce my self officially. Personally I like to know about the writers and the designers that are behind the scene of the blogs I follow daily. And by daily-- I literary mean every day! Its such a strange connection, is almost like you know them, they are in your life and your cybernetic house! So I thought I would write a little bit about me and share with you!

MOOD BOARDS = Pinterest

Before Pinterest, there were mood boards! Maybe that is why I am so in love and obsessed with this amazing boards! At VS we concept with a mood board situation, actually is my fav part of my job -- we should capture them like this, because is the best way to look back and understand a thought, a feeling a style hint a mood for something or someone! It is the best quick visual tool you can ever use to introduce or illustrate a direction of a style. Now you know, next time you need to gather some thoughts, maybe take a look at your Pinterest account or even your sketch book as a: flow for a thought!

I'm handling the VS Pinterest account, and felt like it was my own, tons of time, tons of work into it! But recently, i decided to have and open my own, so I'm just starting but here is My Pinterest in case you want to check it out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TOP 12: V-Day DIY'S

Who doesn't need some DYI ideas for valentines day! Im a personal-strong-believer that its all about the lithe things that matter in this life! And that said V-day is the perfect day for that. To get crafty, creative and explore some of the things you love the most about your love or your bestie in a super cute and creative way. Here are the top 12 of my favorite DIY's possibly! Hope you enjoy and can inspire you a bit for an awesome V-day gifting time! As you can start telling I love V-day you'll see plenty of love-posts around these days! 

TRENDING: Neons & a guest of honor - Chiffons

Absolutely in love with the combo of neons and chiffons! Gives it such a nice air to the brightness of neons! here are a few of my perso faves nal. As much as it feels very summery, totally in the mood for some of these in a sunny winter day! Brightens up your mood and your life!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

#HeartThis: First Freebie - January!

Hi! As many as you know, blogs have done some "giveaways" lately. And since I'm a fan of them, they have  inspired me and thought I would give it a try. I'll start with one of my own print as the first SmileBABY freebie! Im giving away a Creme de la Creme - gold leafing 8 x 10" print (translates to Best of the Best). I hope you participate and get as excited as I am :) Hopefully if this works, we could totally do a monthly giveaway!

Its very simple - How you can Enter:

- Follow SmileBABY via Google Friend Connect (the pictures on the right hand side)
- Like SmileBAbBY on Facebook &/or Instagram

And since I finally decided to join the little blue bird! Get extra points and join my on Twitter @By_LucianaM

That's all! The winner will be choose randomly. Starting tonight - Monday 21st at midnight until Friday 25th at midnight too. 

I will announce the winner on Sunday 27th and ship a pretty print by Monday 28th!

Tons of good luck! Happy Monday :D

STORE LOVINGS: Valentine's Day time

Yei to valentines day set ups starting pretty soon this year! Almost a month 'till V-day and stores are already setting up merchandise and some pretty cool displays. Here are two of my fav so far - Target & Urban! If in need of an amazing, cute, special thingy go to Valentopia - Targets land full of mustaches and chocolates and chalk board mugs! Or to the Constellation- Urban Land! Not to say that I would love, absolutely love to work for Urban and their incredible store design team!

Dear Urban, if you ever need a designer, a passionate one, please pick me!

Friday, January 18, 2013

WEEKEND IN THE KITCHEN: The two flavor cake!

TGIF! What a long week! Excited for the weekend and to start my resolution of giving our kitchen some more love! This cake is loco; its two cakes in one!!! Perfect for all weekend desert and coffee time and book-cozy time! Making my Guapo help me make it this weekend, no excuse! Ladies & gent: Marble Cake! 

Found this delish recipe - in this amazing blog.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


A roundup of some pretty pretty gloves + mittens to keep you cozy this winter season! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

HipShops Around The World

Store design is one of my absolute most precious way to show case design. Design in all the sense of the word. You have to account with two dimensional and three diminutional design, the importance of the interaction with the customer and yet the compromise you have with your brand! Here are some, just a few of my fav store designs, under a simplistic  theme!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

TRAVELING @ Machu Pichu Peru & Colombia

Hello again!!! Happy 2013! 
Bogota -> Cuzco -> Aguas Calientes -> Machu Pichu -> Lima -> Bogota -> Girardot -> Columbus

If you ever, ever have the chance to go to any of this place and land into the amazing corner of Machu Pichu, please don't hesitate on going! It is a proof of how amazing the world is, how many things it was to offer and how we should go to nature and get some perspective from time to time! Here is an image :D recap of my amazing Christmas vacay spend at home & traveled to Peru with some pretty awesome company!