Thursday, January 31, 2013

READINGS: First Chapter of ‘Making Habits: Free!

Jeremy Dean, has been an amazing author writing about applied psychology and the impact to an everyday life. He just launch this amazing habits book-who dosent need to polish their habits a bit! So i thought i would share it at the beginning of the year, for all of those how are finding it hard to keep with their new year resolutions - here is a boost for why you should stick to them and eventually make them a habit a part of your routine! 
Happy reading, here is the first chapter of the book for free!

Extract: This book started with an apparently simple question that seemed to have a simple answer: How long does it take to form a new habit?

Say you want to go to the gym regularly, eat more fruit, learn a new language, make new friends, practice a musical instrument, or achieve anything that requires regular application of effort over time. How long should it take before it becomes a part of your routine rather than something you have to force yourself to do?

I looked for an answer the same way most people do nowadays: I asked Google. This search suggested the answer was clear-cut. Most top results made reference to a magic figure of 21 days. These websites maintained that "research" (and the scare-quotes are fully justified) had found that if you repeated a behavior every day for 21 days, then you would have established a brand-new habit. There wasn’t much discussion of what type of behavior it was or the circumstances you had to repeat it in, just this figure of 21 days. Exercise, smoking, writing a diary, or turning cartwheels; you name it, 21 days is the answer. In addition, many authors recommend that it’s crucial to maintain a chain of 21 days without breaking it. But where does this number come from? Since I’m a psychologist with research training, I’m used to seeing references that would support a bold statement like this. There were none.

My search turned to the library. There, I discovered a variety of stories going around about the source of the number...  Now click here to read the first chapter for FREE (PDF format).

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