Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inspiration: Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff, designer and creative advisor reveals his philosophy on design and branding. "I am a highly tuned appreciator: partly because if I' m talking to people about what things look like, I better understand how to look at things..."

One of the most inspiring and memorizing videos I've seen in a while! No matter what discipline you are in, absolutely fascinating and inspirational. This is truly passing knowledge to other generations! wao!

For boys!

No. 1 - Tuxedo Jacket / No. 2 - Warby Parker Glasses / No. 3 - The Sriracha Cookbook / No. 4 - Plaid Shirt / No. 5 - Folding Sunglasses / No. 6 - Angus Tan Boots / No. 7 - Cedar Incense / No. 8 - Duffle Bag / No. 9 - Motorcycle

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

don't forget...

Where Do Bad Moods Come From?

By Jonah Lehrer 

What causes bad moods? Why do we sometimes slip into angry fits and melancholy torpors? In general, happy moods have easy explanations – we know why we’re elated. But a bad mood often seems to arrive out of the blue, a gloomy weather pattern that settles in from everywhere all at once. All of a sudden, we find ourselves pissed off without a good reason, which only makes us more pissed off.
The standard theory of bad moods is rooted in a psychological quirk known as ego depletion. Pioneered by Roy Baumeister and Mark Muraven in the 1990s, the basic idea behind ego depletion is that self-control and willpower are limited cognitive resources. As a result, when we overexert ourselves in one domain – say, when we’re on a strict diet, or focused on a difficult task for hours at work – we have fewer resources left over to exert self-control in other domains. This helps explain why, after a long day at the office, we’re more likely to indulge in a pint of ice cream, or eat one too many slices of pizza. A tired brain, preoccupied with its problems, is going to struggle to resist what it wants, even when what it wants isn’t what we need.

Free People!

Sasha Pivovarova astonishing photographed by Guy Aroch for 
Free People April 2011 Catalogue makes me wanna go to southern 
Spain eat tapas and drink wine! Wanna come with:)?

Edible Pen

Dave Hakkens has created a pen out of candy and filled it with edible candy ink!!!! Here is his thought process..

"I first wanted to make something so I could chew on my pen without making it dirty. When looking at the pen I noticed that you only use the ink, the other stuff is just there to hold filling more comfortable. Isn’t it possible to eat the whole cover? That was my goal, a pen where you can chew on and entirely eat. First gathered at a lot of pens and looked what makes it good to chew on. 

With that information I made 3 different molds and started testing out different types of candy, the breaking point and which chew the best. When I found the shape and candy I made a final model in peppermint flavor. The candy which is used doesn’t stick on anything and doesn't melt when it's in your hans. (To get an idea: It has the same texture as candy bracelets.)It contains 22 pieces and is filled with edible ink. The only thing which isn't edible is the small point where you write with. When finished you throw it away or put in in a new re-fill pen".

Using the pen
 concept idea of the pen
Different flavors

So...what type of mail do you get?!

This is the mail my friends get! Where do you register for this! Better than bills thats for sure! Its a mini journal with stickers and fun stuff from smash storiesIt is so cute!!! I want it on my mail box <3

they also have a dog name Boston!!!!

New Mimobots!

New DC Comics Characters in the Batman Mimobot Usb Flash Drive Collection! Batman, Robin, Catwoman and the joker can all be portable now!

Answer this one!

Chris Benz's studio

There's something really mesmerizing about peeking into someones creative space. It's those little windows and moments into people's lives that make them human and inspirational!

Teen Vogue and The Coveteur have teamed to show the inside of Chris Benz's studio, see more here.


Crazy in love with the color and tons of this photography. Its perfect for the in between of winter and spring! Siri Tollerod by Andreas Sjödin.


Check out this amazing blog from an amazing friend I found in life, artist and stylist!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Apaga las luces por una hora, y enriqueze el planeta! Devuelve lo q alguna vez te dio!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Heathrow Terminal 5

This cant remained me more of you! i adore you and im so happy ur back in my life:)

VS Bridal '11

One of my fav campaings I've work on so far! Introducing Victoria's Secret Bridal Collection!

Quantum Physics Diagram No.1

Found this and is soooo true!! Read, think, give your self the chance to apply tomorrow morning:)

The What-The-Hell Effect

What pizza and cookies can teach us about goal-setting.

Goal-setting can be a handy way of improving performance, except when we fall foul of a nasty little side-effect.
Take dieting as an example. Let's say you've set yourself a daily calorie limit. You manage to keep to this for a few days until one evening after work, your colleagues drag you out to a restaurant.
Instead of your healthy meal at home you're faced with a restaurant menu. But things have already gone wrong before the menu arrives. At a bar beforehand you were hungry and ordered a few snacks to share. These, combined with the drinks, have already put you near your daily calorie intake limit.

Then in the restaurant you eat some bread and have a drink while everyone chooses from the menu. You know what you should choose—a salad—but something is edging you towards the steak. You reason that seeing as you're already over the limit it doesn't matter now. What the hell, let's have the steak. So, just as we're getting somewhere with reaching our goal, the whole thing goes out the window in a moment of madness.

The what-the-hell effect isn't just a lack of self-control or momentary lapse; it is directly related to missing a goal. We know this because psychologists have observed the effect in carefully controlled experiments.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

La Finca

This is my favorite corner in the world! Colombia te amo!!!

...and my favorite two peeps, and a pollito:)