Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wayuu Mochilas:)

Mochilas, a circular base crochet-knit bag that can be worn sideways. These bags are made by the Wayuu Indians in the northern Colombian :) peninsula of La Guajira.
These mochilas are the maximum expression of the Wayuu knit. They are easily recognizable by their color and design. Each bag is made by one woman, with her own design, and taking her about 20 days to complete.
This indigenous culture expresses themselves through the representation of geometric symbols found in the elements of nature such as animals, plants, and stars. The complexity and intricacy of their designs determine the value of each piece. For the Wayuu community knitting is much more than just a cultural activity and heritage. For them it signifies a realm in which they express their creativity, intelligence and wisdom. It is a projection of life as they know it.
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