Thursday, March 21, 2013

CASE STUDY: White Space in Design

Hola! This week we talked about white space, the canvas or simply known as negative space. I hope you are starting to see the world a bit different and looking at all the negative space around our environments! Since all we have is to practice, practice, practice to become a master, I thought I would share this amazing design case study. Oriol Gil, created the brand and packaging for Cornelia and Co. A restaurant, bakery, winer and coffee shop in Barcelona. So many details, allowing for space…oh space - to be present, and my fav of all: it's not white;) and the key to their success - it's all branded! Every single piece feels, speaks their brand!
I know this is not particular web/blog design - but its a great example for our week's topic. It is a simple design, full of content - aka: a lot of content does not means it has to be crowded or squished into a design. It is well balanced, allowing it to be readable and pleasant to look at. If you are designing your website, or a post, think in these terms - patterns (rhythm), content quantity (balance) and readability - the most important of all! I hope this is making some sense - as you are learning some design knowledge, I'm practicing some {english}writing skills ;)

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