Monday, March 18, 2013

THE CHALKBOARD: Design, For Non Designers

I've heard all throughout my career that in order to design well, one must understand their audience and remember that not everyone is a designer. Making an impression and getting a response out of people is not an easy task. But that is what design is all about. Nevertheless it's an art that can be learned and understood. In that light, I want to share my experience and highlight how following a few simple guidelines can allow anyone to come up with a very clean, fresh, functional and better yet attractive designs!

If you've known me for a bit, you probably know I'm a happy blogger and absolutely LOVE reading other blogs. I believe that blogging is a powerful medium to bring fresh perspectives, innovating ideas and a great place to start conversations with people just like you {and me}! Regardless of the subject, passion, love or expertise, EVERY blog, post, or simply love note should be visually balances and brand appropriate. It's amazing how a few simple things can provide a great foundation and allow anyone to come up with a great designs that make sense and look great!

I want to share my knowledge with everyone so you'll have an easy DIY design manual for creating your own blog, posts, giveaways/communication pieces or improving upon what you've already started. In the following posts I'll go over each of the following so we can work together in the process of building a better {prettier} blogging community.

• Space: The art of nothing • The Grid: Think in shapes • Color: Break some rules • Visual Dominance: Focus on what matters most • Typography: Giving type a voice • Fonts: Navigating through the 1000's to find clarity • Bitmap Images: It's all about the pixels • Photo tricks: In case your blogging with your smartphone • ...and some sprinkled surprises;)

Can't wait to share, hope you join, and find some useful tips and tricks in the upcoming weeks. We can all beneficent for some graphic inspiration in our life's & in our blogs right?!
Stay tune for more:) xo - Luciana!

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  1. Simply love this idea! Can't wait to follow along and learn a thing or two!

    Haute Child in the City