Monday, March 25, 2013

Get the best out of your Etsy Shop

This goes for all the Etsy shops/owners and artist out there! Im continually getting the question about any tips on how to promote your Etsy shop, so I thought on sharing and giving some tips on a post for all of us Etsy owners. Level Up your Etsy shop with this tips and start talking with other Etsy shop owners, and showing the world a bit more of your work. So in case you don't know yet, I am myself an Etsy shop owner and an Etsy lover. It's a great place for artists from all around the world to have an opportunity and sell and contributed with others! But your Etsy shop can be much more than your products in a specify internet platform. You are already half way there, you had to create your shop name, a personal description, and a banner. You had made friends, liked and treasured your favorite items. And you have put a lot of work, parts and pieces into to your selling items. So why stop there? Why are you not taking advantage of all that hard work you have done and fully extended for better impact, more sales and artistic recognition?!

That said, here are a couple of tips and ideas to give to your shop. If you are a small business, branding or blogging lover then these tips will be a perfect fit for you!

Everything negative you have heard about all the social media platforms: please disregard.  - Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vibe and Blogs - are all platforms that facility a two way conversation, that means, you are talking to your follower/readers - followers/readers are talking to you!  This is essential for your business, because is not like advertisement: where you are talking to your audience in one direction. It is a clean form of communication, a great conversation, like one you would have at a coffee shop!


Instagram is my most favorite of all, {cof cof} in case you didn't know;) The reason for it, its because is one big inspirational platform - on the go! It's a way of communicating visually: only pics, less words!

- Write a couple of things that describe you, your shop or your believes on the about you section, as well as you Etsy shop link! It is fun to read about other artists and have a better understanding about them.

- Post anything and everything you love about your shop, your process and your artwork - be creative;) From your in progress work, material shopping, studio sneak peaks and more! Doing so, gives your Etsy listings a deeper connection and a sense of a real environment - not just a platform on a cloud!

 FACEBOOK -  FB/ByLucianaM

Oh dear Facebook, so loved and so hated. Think of it this way. When you are waiting in line, or need a 5 min distraction, catching up or simply mind relaxing: you jump on Fb. Lot's of brands, shops and blogs are on Facebook now! That is exactly what it is, its a way to catch up with your followers with news about you and your shop, for them to know and be on the look! Like a 3 minute street encounter with a good old friend of yours!


We all look for inspiration, gather ideas and are in the look out for new fresh things! Why not gather them all in one place, and share with your Etsy customers all your most favorite things!

-Don't forget to create a board for your work, and pin from your Etsy shop! That way people can re-pin it, share it and most important of all: find it on your Etsy thought the appropriate link!

The key about expanding and presenting your shop in other platforms are: 1) the relationships you can create with others, and 2) your voice becomes louder.

1) Relationships, partnerships and friendships can have a huge impact on your shop. As friends and family support you, also other artist similar to you, or in another area can do so too. Using social media platforms can easily allow you to create these relationships, learn about others, and allow people to learn about you.

2) By creating relationships, different posts, sharing pictures, comments and thoughts, your voice will become louder and people will start to know the artist behind your beautiful shop. Getting to know you is not only interesting for your shoppers, but also healthy for your products. It creates a level of connectivity between your art work and you. 

If you are going to give this a try, don't forget to be consistent. Keep the same name, all across platforms. Same profile picture as well! And don't forget to always share and link post to your shop, your social platforms or your blog. Share in the comments section your Etsy shop link with me, I love discovering new artists and new pretty things! XO Luciana

PS: I'm starting to really truly enjoy this writing situation ;) I hope my english is making some sense!

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