Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Juicing: Best Habit Ever

Feeling tired and run down? There's been so much buzz about the green juice and the healthy benefits behind it! I have now proved that having this one addition to your daily diet truly has a big impact in your life {it did in mine}

I am not much of a Vegetable lover but I must admit, I'm loving having a juice or two a day!  A friend of mine convinced Nate and I to give this a try, so we decided to commit to it. We bought the - Omega J8006 Juicer -  and it has been the best purchase ever! And also no more migraines for me…ugh if you know what that feels like, please give this a try! I know its a bit expensive of a healthy hobby, but is so worth it, you will not regret it!

Fresh fruit or vegetable juices are the most nutrient rich health enhancing foods available. They contain an tons of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, chlorophyll that both enhance and complement the body and the mind so your body is able to get the most value from them. Because juices are assimilated with very little effort on the part of the digestive system, their nutrients provide a health building impact on the body without taxing the body’s energy.  

1. Kale / Carrots / Celery / Watermelon / Oranges      2. Carrots / Tangerines / Apples / Oranges

 1. Strawberries / Oranges / Blueberries                        2. Grapes / Ginger / Celery / Brocoli / Kale /
  1. Apples / Kale / PineApple / Tangerines                 2. Pear / Tangerines / Blueberries / Cantaloupe

- Cut any stem or leafs from fruits and vegetables.
- Add some ice add the end of each juice.
- Always add a bit of ginger - so good for you!
- Add some rum, and make some fresh fruit shoots;)

XO Luciana


  1. Delicious! We will definitely be investing in a juicer this summer. I get terrible migraines so that's encouraging to know that it helps you!

  2. I've been blending my own veg/fruit smoothies...but have been debating on buying a juicer. I guess either way is a great way to stay healthy!