Sunday, February 17, 2013


Super excited to launch my Friendship project. Its something I've been wanting to do a bit ago. I hope you enjoy tons and give away some friendship love.

Available at my shop - here - 

>> Hi, my name is Luciana and I want to introduce you to #HeartThis, my newest collection. I've been busy and am excited to launch my blog with a cool comfy tee and 4 new print styles! This time, I wanted to go beyond a simple print and include my friends into a project. I want to impact people from all around the world. What better example than myself that I have my four best friends spread all around the world. Nevertheless, they are my beasties, and I feel very lucky to have them in my life.

I have always been fascinated with how fads and trends develop such meaning for people. They're able to so easily unite people in such a unique way. Hash-tags have grown so fast and it just fascinates me how we can all relate to a certain topic or thought through a # and have a sense of connectivity. So I wanted to do something around that, but develop something more tactile, something that could have more of a personal touch.

The friendship project is about gathering your best 4/6 friends, choosing a quote & each hanging it in your home! You will all have one part of the puzzle, one part of the quote! Simple, much like the # itself!  I hope you enjoy and feel as strong as I do about this cool little project! Available at my shop - here

>> This is how it works -

>> Pick your hashtag print. Prints are 9 x 12"

>> Pick your friends

>> You can have everything send to you or directly to your friends!

>> Decor your home... and then share.

>> ...and voila!

XO - Luciana
Available at my shop - here - 

- - - -

>> Pick your print   #1 Neon and Gold  #2 LOVE or  #3 Show your heart

>> A package with 4 prints with the chosen quote as a puzzle will come to you. 

>> Each individual print is are 9" x 12". If yo puzzle them together ill add to 18 x 24" 
- 4 prints come in one package - 6 prints to puzzle will be available soon-

>> Every print is packaged in its separate envelope

>> You can have everything send to you or directly to your friends! 
o please specify, and send me their name and addresses.

>> Receive a pretty project to share with your friends and your home!

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