Monday, February 18, 2013


Business Insider presented the 51 companies that are changing the shopping experience. Across all fields, these companies have set a new step in advancing the way we shop, think and fulfill our needs in stores or online. Loved to hear what all this brands are doing to keep us interested, motivated but better yet "entertained" isn't that the new need we all keep in the search for?! Here are a few of my absolute most favorites! Thank you Business Insider for sharing!

From Business Insider - 
In this evolving environment, a few trailblazers have set themselves apart, and are revolutionizing the way we perceive and consume retail. Some retailers have altered their merchandising strategies to accommodate today's fast-paced shoppers. Others are making e-commerce more personalized than ever. These 51 companies are changing the entire shopping experience, from what happens in stores to how customers find goods online.
Our list includes everything from multinational corporate heavyweights to innovative new start-ups that launched recently. 

Hointer is taking humans out of stores: changing the way you shop for clothes

Zara is altering how the fashion business works: revolutionary strategy

STORY provides an interactive, physical experience for brands and retailers: STORY is a retail space

Storenvy allows independent vendors to open and customize their own virtual shops: creates a more level

Threadless' crowd-sourcing merchandising caught the attention of America's largest retailers:

Amazon continues to be the leader in e-commerce: foraying into food and fashion,

Selfridges has pop-up concepts that combine retail and art: Selfridges

Bib + Tuck is an online market tailored to the fast-fashion culture: told Vogue

Fab is the "Ikea Of Fashion:"garnered 10 million members

Zappos builds customer relationships like no other: Zappos

Warby Parker is making prescription glasses more affordable for everyone:
is changing the eyewear industry

Openhouse provides a place for pop-ups to thrive: provides venues

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