Wednesday, February 20, 2013


To fuchsia for winter! Waaa...These winter days are getting long and dull! So I decided the need for some spice in our lives; and what better than to add some fuchsia accents into the closet! Check out this cute and easy DIY for a pretty neon necklace! Hope you like and enjoy, pink is totally my color, but feel free to use any other color string that can suit your wardrobe perfect and can be use with a cute casual tee to a date night out in a pretty black dress;) Happy and shinny hump day! Let me know what you think about this DIY, because I'm loving it!!!

>> You'll need just a few things -

>> Measure the length of the string, and cut as many or as thick as you want it to be. Theres 12 strings here.

>> Center the headpin in between all the strings and wrap it around with the soft wire.

>> Make sure its tight and strong.

>> Place the cap on top of the string, allowing the pin to go through the middle hole. Loop the needle at the end, so we can hook the clasp to it.

>> Insert the studs. Add as many as you want. Make sure to mix different sizes.

>> Repeat steps #2 -#4 on the other side of the strings. This time add the chain to the loop of the needle.
>> And voila! You've made a pretty good looking necklace to spark some winter time!

>> Enjoy! XO- my little helper & I Luciana

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