Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY | Arepas Con Huevo

One of my favorite things about blogging, is sharing some thing from my beautiful Colombia and the reason of my so many homesickness situations;) So I know its not breakfast time, but theres nothing better than breakfast for dinner! And thats what happened at my house tonight so why not share! Arepas con Huevos is a delicious breakfast/snack that if you have ever had it please attempt to make because they are so easy to make! If you've never have it, you must give this quick recipe a try! I grew up eating these deliciousness, and my boy surprised me with some a snowy cold morning... totally won my heart! So deliciously unique, happy breakfast night;)

>> Hi! Lets do this! -Warning: messy, but fun! - 
>> Make the PAN mix. Follow the package instructions. Let it rest for 20mins.
>> Make a small ball, place it in between a plastic bag.

>> Grab a medium plate, and gently press on top of the plastic to create a round shape.
>> Fill in a medium pan with oil. Place it on high. Make sure you have plenty to cover the arepa. 
>> Grab your arepa circle shape and place it into the pan.

>> The arepa will blow like a bubble, because of the hot oil.
>> When is cooked, take it out and carefully cut a slice on the side of it.
>> Place the egg on a little "soy sauce" cup. Add salt to it, and slide it into the arepa.

>> Repeat step #4. (Place it into the oil pan to bake the egg).
>> And voila, take it out. Careful it will be hot! Enjoy!

X0- Luciana

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