Monday, April 1, 2013

PhotoJojo University: April Free Class

I came across this lovely platform the other day: Photojojo. For us phone lovers, and photo addicts, it is a one month course, where they send you email weekly lessons on how to use your smart phone photo app wisely and take better pics. Super fun, you would think its common sense knowledge but not really! They teach you fun tricks that our phone brands don't really share with us! 

I wanted to gift this course to the first three peeps that comment underneath - I will close it in 48h. You get to pick your professor between Professor Pancake, Professor PJ and Basket of Kittens. Mine was professor was Professor Pancake, and I end up in love with him -

Write me a note underneath and I will register you to get this class for free for the month of April! I think we can all learn a trick or two about the photo world right?! Happy Monday! xo luciana

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  1. Super cool - I always like reading the instruction manual so this sounds right up my alley!
    xo Alana (