Saturday, April 16, 2011

Looking for some help!

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A little bit more of information about my project. 

As some of you know I am a designer and work for Victoria’s Secret. My job is to design the in-store displays,window,and overall brand attributes. Creating visual campaigns that will no only sell our product but that will provide inspiration and aspirations for women. 
I’m starting to work and shape my thesis for grad school,and my starting point is to really find out the impact that the stores and its 3D environment design can have to a brand and there customers. Is it worth all that work that some of us designers, put into thinking about attitudes, opinions, activities and interests? In the past couple of years, in store design and retail space has been challenged more and more due to the amount of social development and media we are encounter by. Resulting in an amazing an imaginable way of translating brands into 3D spaces. I like to call them “mini houses” where people can adopt, identity and feel part of something they believe in or feel passionately about.
My idea is to start with Victoria’s Secret Stores, since I’m familiar with it, and its my job what I’m evaluating. I want to know how is viewed by its customers and the translation it carries to their minds and feelings. What makes it such a strong lingerie brand, and what is the forceful power behind it, that woman seem so attached too. Can the store design be carrie out and develop a brand image?
Eventually, I will develop a research model where I could develop an ideal scenario and truly research the importance of spacial and environmental design. I am passionate for this, and I breath and live this maybe a little to much;)
I hope to have a start and get closer to an answer using this survey. Thank you for helping me with this! I like to see it as my little social experiment than can eventually affect somewhat or something in the world. I will share my report in a couple of weeks, in case your interest! Muchas gracias!

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