Monday, April 11, 2011

Astronomical Clock

You will find this medieval clock on the wall of the Old Town City Hall of Prague, Czech Republic. It’s a quaint clock that moves every 12 hours. What’s amazing about it is the 12 apostles that start moving on top of the astronomical clock dial, and several symbolic sculptures moving to the side to give them way.

This clock was made by Hanus the clock master who lived during the 15th century. Legend of the Astronomical Clock tells about Hanus, so the story goes, who refused to allow anyone to see his construction plans despite many requests. Then when the Prague councilors discovered his plan to build another clock better than the first, they caused him to go blind so he wouldn’t be able to do it. In anger, Hanus supposedly damaged the clock and it was never repaired.
In reality, the plans for the clock was found in 1961 and it states the name of Mikula, who allegedly worked with an astronomer and professor to create the plans and eventually build it in 1410.

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