Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter 11/12 Branding Trends

Winter 11/12 Branding: 360° 
360° is a neo-vintage direction, where hobo chic meets an eclectic thrift aesthetic.
This vintage collection draws on the hobo's life on the road, gathering discarded trinkets such as bus tickets, found pieces of metal and distressed remnants.

Winter 11/12 Branding: FAUX REAL 
Faux Real is a dark luxury trend, where fake becomes the inspiration for a new aesthetic. Faux no longer means cheap. Play with the boundaries between the real and the artificial, applying fake-making treatments to materials and products. Experiment with matt and dry-to-the-touch foam plastics, rubber, wet-look latex and hidden embossed branding effects.

Winter 11/12 Branding: YOUR SPACE
Multi-use solutions and stripped-back constructivist typography to create a simple and edited direction.

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